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Inhibitions (2015)

Inhibitions (2015)

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3.5-4 starsWow.... It's 12:47am... And I just finished reading this book. I have all these things swirling around in my head right now. I'm kind of shocked on how the book ended. And the reaction of Tanner at the very end of this book.I couldn't even fall asleep right away because I kept playing what I just read in my head! For being this author first book... I think she did a good job. There were however a couple things that I didn't care for.But... I overlooked them. Because I was truly invested in the story.I think the synopsis pretty much says what the books is about. So....I'm just going to dive right into my review.This book was a good read. It sucked me in. I was fully invested in the main characters. I loved how things didn't drag on through out the book. If something happened. It was dealt with right away. So there wasn't any misunderstandings.And... that's what I love In a book! I HATE when a simple misunderstanding gets blown out of proportion.But what did get kind of thrown out of proportion was Ashley not being able to fully own her sexuality. She let something that happened to her in college. Set the tone for her life. That was a little out there. I didn't feel it was that big of a deal to dwell on. Considering no one knew it was her.The internal thinking from Ashley was starting to get to me. She would say one thing.... Then have this whole conversation with herself in her mind! Or Tanner would ask her something... Then once again... We get this whole conversation with herself of why she shouldn't answer the question.There is a fine line when it comes to internal thinking. It needs to be here and there... Not after everything the main character says!(It's one of my pet peeves and seriously kills the flow of the book for me.)I liked how Ashley stood up for herself. She did use her voice.But...She was constantly putting herself down. And that was getting pretty old too. It was just to much.Both Tanner and Ashley had some relationship issues right from the beginning.But, Tanner really went out of his way to make Ashley his and to break down her walls. I loved how he didn't give up.I loved how he brought out the best in Ashley. He truly made her feel comfortable with her sexuality.He really wanted her to let go and let her freak flag out!...lolAnd I just loved all his dirty talk!!! That was seriously hot!!Tanner...Tanner...Tanner...lolI really was feeling Tanner....Up until that little session he had with Melissa... In the beginning of the book. That kind of put a damper on me! I just HATE it when the main character in a book does that! It's hard for me to look past when he finally gets with the girl main character.... Which in this story is Ashley. I know Tanner has had a bad boy past and all... But I just don't like it when the MC goes with another girl. Puts me off to him.Which kind of sucks for me... Because I was really feeling him up until that point.And... I really didn't like the way he talked to Ashley. In certain parts of the book. And then towards the end of the book.I really wasn't feeling him.... At all!! Everything he said was pretty unforgivable in my book.(The second book in this series will be hard to read... Because... Ashley would really have to look past everything Tanner said in this book! I know I would NEVER forgive that... Personally, I don't know how she would or could look past all that.)Overall... I liked this book. I would tell other people about it. And I'm really looking forward to reading the second book in this series.(I just hope it doesn't end in a cliffhanger. I probably wouldn't have read this book right away....had I known it ended in a cliffhanger. I would have waited until all the books in this series were out. So, I can read straight through. Because... I hate to wait for the next book in a series. But, I won this book from the author. And she asked me if I could read this book before the release date.)Don't get me wrong.. I'm glad I read it. But, I hate cliffhangers. I think that should be disclosed in the synopsis. It just lets me know what I'm getting myself into when picking a book to read.*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

**JOSIE'S 4.5 STAR REVIEW**OMG!! I can’t believe this is a debut novel from Kimberly Bracco. Hours later my brain still will not shut off!!! For this being the author’s first book she did an amazing job. This story deals with somethings that I can seriously relate too. The author wrote about places that I have been to before in New York and New Jersey. I loved that I could actually place the areas. The story is very well-developed. It’s fast paced but it has everything that an avid book reader could want. A super-hot alpha star Quarterback, betrayal, drama and some smoking hot sex. When I say sex I mean some really hot erotic sex scenes that had my kindle melting. This story is told in alternate POV’s and let me tell you this, Tanner’s mind is one you will definitely want to get to know!We meet Ashley Mitchell in the opening chapter. She is a lifestyle journalist for The City Press newspaper. Ashley has an assignment to interview NFL Quarterback Tanner Garrison, the infamous playboy. If all goes well this can be the kick her career needs. Ashley has been down on her luck struggling to make ends meet after catching her boyfriend Jason having sex with another woman in their home.Ashley is a heroine that many women can relate too. She has not had the best experiences when it comes to men and fulfilling her sexual needs. She had a bad experience in college that’s made her closed off to her sexual desires. Especially after her ex-boyfriend claims his affair was because she was a prude in bed. So of course, Ashley has major self-esteem issues, has her walls up and is closed off to men now.Tanner Garrison is not all what he portrays. God, I love him! He has agreed to the interview because his agent talked him into it. He hates interviews and does not like being in the spotlight. To make matters worse, the woman conducting the interview is late. For Tanner lateness shows a lack of respect for other people’s time. Tanner’s anger is immediately replaced when he sees the breathtakingly beautiful Ashley walking in the door.As soon as Tanner and Ashley meet there is an instant connection a spark between the two. The relationship between to the two is intense but I loved how it was a gradual buildup. I loved the dialogue and the easy going relationship Tanner and Ashley had. I think the way they are able to open up to one another by expressing their fears, pasts and dreams made me fall in love with these characters even more. I really loved watching how Tanner was able to bring Ashley out of her shell and acknowledge that it is okay to explore and desire sex.Can Tanner and Ashley truly let go of their painful pasts or will that self-doubt always linger? Will Ashley and Tanner come out on top after all he said and done? This is book 1 in a 2 part series. The second book Unrestricted is due to be release in the summer and I cannot wait to see what happens with the pair. I also loved meeting two side characters in this story, Quinn and Alex. I am seriously hoping we get a book about these two sometime.

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3.5 Stars Slight Spoilers, Read with CautionOK, I loved this book and yet I didn't like it either, at times. I really, really hated the whole Melissa situation, I found that I couldn't get passed it throughout the book:( Sorry, but the graphic details and the internal dialogue from the main guy regarding his f buddy, just a BIG FAT NO for me, huge deal breaker!!!!!! I truly couldn't connect with him much after that because that put me off more than anything. Oh and the way he treated Ashley at the end, OMG, I was mortified to say the least! Quinn, hmmmm, not a huge fan of her either. I actually felt bad for Ashley having a best friend like Quinn, hmmmm, she just also turned me off too for the most part:(Now can I say Alex, OMFG, now THAT guy was perfection.... I LOVED him:) Ashley was just ok for me but all her insecurities was a bit of a turn off too! Yet, I really did like her a lot I just didn't love her.I don't want to read the sequel BUT I do!!!!! I am so damned conflicted.........

*4.5 STARS*What a great debut novel!! I seriously stayed up way past my bedtime to finish this. I could not put it down!!! I’m going to warn you, this ends in a jaw dropping cliffhanger. I mean I literally had my mouth hanging open when I finished. Whether you decide to read this now or wait until the next book comes out, you will definitely not be disappointed!!Ashley is a journalist trying to work her way up in the journalism world. Her ex-boyfriend put her into a huge amount of debt when they broke up and forced her to have to leave her apartment and move in with her best friend.When she gets the opportunity to interview star NFL quarterback, Tanner, she isn’t exactly thrilled since she doesn’t know anything about football. When she gets to the interview and introduces herself, there is an obvious chemistry between the two.“The second our fingers touch, my whole body comes alive.” ~TannerDespite their immediate attraction to each other, the interview takes a bad turn when she decides to go on her assumptions of his character. Ashley starts delving into his personal life which he keeps very private, and Tanner walks out. Ashley is devastated.“I didn’t just f*** this up for me but for the paper as well.” ~AshleyWhen she gets a second chance the at the interview, of course she takes it and that is the start of her rollercoaster romance with Tanner. Tanner and Ashley both have some issues and insecurities, among other things, that add to the drama of their relationship. Everything seemed to be going well for the two until one little mistake, that happened early in the relationship, was revealed and everything goes to hell after that. Can they get back on the right track or is the damage done and will they just move on from each other?I CANNOT WAIT for the second book!!! I seriously thought about this book the next morning when I woke up and went back to read the ending again. Still in shock! I just have to know what’s going to happen!!!Kimberly did an amazing job with this debut! I loved the writing and the character development was great. And boy was this book hot!! Tanner has a deliciously dirty mouth! I know how a lot of people hate cliffhangers, but I love how this book ended. It makes me so excited that more’s coming!! I highly recommend this novel!!! One click now!!

3.5-4 stars. I won an ARC in exchange for an honest review of this book. Honestly, I really liked the story line here. Ashley, a lifestyle columnist, who's down on her luck, get's a chance to interview Jets superstar quarterback, Tanner Garrison. It does not go well. Despite that there seems to be a connection between the two of them. Can Ashley get over her inhibitions and get out of her own head enough to let Tanner in? Can Tanner trust a woman without fearing she has an ulterior motive? The best part of this story for me was how relate-able Ashley's situation/issues were. I think a lot of women will be able to relate to her. In our society if a woman knows what she wants and is aggressive about it she's a whore. If she's passive and submissive then she's deemed easy or a slut. It's a double edge sword and I'm glad it was addressed. There are definitely some steamy scenes so this book doesn't lack on heat. There is a major cliffhanger here, so beware...not that that should EVER stop you from reading a book. I look forward to finding out what happens to Ashley and Tanner...can't wait actually.
—Tiffany Johnson

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