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Indulgence In Death (2010)

Indulgence in Death (2010)

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0399156879 (ISBN13: 9780399156878)
G.P. Putnam's Sons

About book Indulgence In Death (2010)

Generally those of us who are fans of the In Death series enjoy two general things about the stories - a good crime drama and the clever and fun-filled interactions of a large much-loved cast of characters.Indulgence in Death is a solid entry in the series, and my rating is really 4.5 stars. There are elements of two other In Death plots in this one, but Robb/Roberts crafts a good story, taking it up a notch, so I don't mind. (I am not sharing the other two titles, lest they give away too much of the plot here to those who have read those books).The crimes Eve is investigating involve seemingly unconnected people, killed with unconventional weapons, utilizing the personal data and property of employees of two large firms, both multi-generational run businesses. All of this makes it almost impossible for Eve to guess who might become the next victim. The story includes the kind of bad guy we love to hate, the classic teamwork of Eve's bullpen (I just love Baxter and Trueheart), and Roarke playing a very memorable round of golf! And when Eve sets herself up as bait, the role she assumes is unusual for her and rather fun to see.I like the stories in which the plot really walks through the elements of working the case. This is one of them, but we still have Eve's instincts front and center in figuring out fairly early which direction she needs to take. It is also gratifying to see that Roarke and Eve are growing in their relationship such that when certain situations arise that might've cause a big row 10 books ago, they recognize the scenario and cut through it all quickly, maturely.I like Indulgence in Death; it's a great read. I'm not sure that I wouldn't have given it 5 stars if it weren't a somewhat worked over plot from an earlier book. I do think this one is much better done. I like this story better than the earlier one, and I always enjoy re-reading it. #31 in the Eve Dallas (... in Death) series. Once again, Eve decides on the guilty parties early in the novel and then spends the rest of the entry gathering enough proof to arrest them. Several interesting twists in the plot and an interesting prelude on an Irish vacation, add to the interest of this series entry.Eve Dallas series - Lt. Eve Dallas of the New York Police and Security Department returns home a vacation to a string of bizarre murders. The crossbow killing of chauffeur Jamal Houston in his limo in a La Guardia parking lot is followed by the death of high-rent prostitute Ava Crampton, found at Coney Island's House of Horrors stabbed with a bayonet. Other victims include Luc Delaflote, a celebrity chef who's harpooned, and Adrianne Jonas, "a facilitator for the rich" strangled with a handmade bullwhip. Eve, assisted by her trustworthy sidekicks, Det. Delia Peabody and husband Roarke, uncovers a wicked game that grows increasingly macabre

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I love this series. The last couple have been slow hope they get a bit better ....

Love 'em!


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