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In The Shadow Of The Banyan (2012)

In the Shadow of the Banyan (2012)

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1451657706 (ISBN13: 9781451657708)
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About book In The Shadow Of The Banyan (2012)

I don't know much about the Khmer Rouge and its rule in Cambodia so was really looking forward to reading this novel, especially given the rave reviews. The book starts lovely and the little girl's character -curious, mischievous, idolating her parents- reeled me in. But as soon as the atrocities started and the family is demeaned, slaved, murdered, the author lost the little girl's voice and instead gives her adult opinion on what happens. This is not the voice of a seven year old. This is not the voice of a child enduring hunger, abuse, loss of siblings and parents. This is the detached voice of someone making sense of it many years later. The characters become one dimensional and very very unbelievable. The only good thing: the reader won't feel traumatized by reading the story either. I lack the words to do justice to this book. I was moved beyond description by the power in this story. The characters are powerful, the prose is stunning in it's simplicity and clarity, and the gut wrenching sadness in this story left me sobbing at times - but through it all, the spirit and the ability to see the beauty in life, to fly and soar even with clipped wings, left me in awe.Not a light read - but definitely an illuminating one. A must-must-read!!

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Great story, but the writing was a little overdone at times.

Great novel - definitely recommend.

beautiful language; horrific tale


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