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In Bed With The Opposition (2012)

In Bed with the Opposition (2012)

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This was election year so it was sort of fitting to read a contemporary romance with a political election as the backdrop. I found this to be one of those books for me that when I started reading it I wasn't that impressed with it due to my feelings about the heroine (it was not getting my vote at that point). Thankfully I'm rarely a quitter so I read on and after the first half of the book found myself delightfully surprised (book started pulling ahead in the polls) and glad that I pushed forward (it got my vote when Election day came around).The story revolves around Assistant to Senator Halloway, Grace Santiago. Grace has know the Senator since she was a young girl when her mother went to work for him as a cook. He encouraged her through her father walking out on her and her mother, he mentored her, he helped pay her way to attend university and now she's giving back by working on his staff. The Senator is near eighty, but he determines that he's got one more campaign for office in him though Grace privately thinks his health won't stand up to it and he's slipping a little. She finds herself busting tail to keep up with his vague memory, faux pas and demanding needs. She devotes so much time to him that she doesn't have a life outside of work and now its just going to get worse with a campaign going on.And into this atmosphere walks Ethan Castle her old flame from law school. In her mind, he is the reason that she never finished school and never started the political career she set out on. Ethan remembers Grace too, but he remembers the past a bit differently than Grace when she inexplicably left school and left him with no explanation. Now years later, when he's become a huge success as a campaign manager, he is surprised to see her at a social function with the Senator. He is determined more than ever to get to the bottom of why she disappeared and to figure out why Grace is the only memorable woman in his past.Grace and Ethan play a bit of cat and mouse, but things really start to heat up when he accepts the position of campaign manager for a rival for Halloway's Senate seat.The plot on this one was good. I loved the insider's view of a Senatorial race and what it's like in a Senator's day and about their office. I enjoyed the possibilities of a romance that 'crossed enemy lines' so to speak. What I wasn't too fond of- at first- was Grace's wishy-washy personality and issues. Yes, I understand how it must have been for her to be caught in a compromising photograph that was taken by a supposed friend and used as blackmail and yes, I get it that it would be hard to deal with having a father walk out and feel rejected. I do get all that, but what I didn't get was where it was alright to first blame Ethan for his part in the compromising pose (she was a consenting adult and whole-heartedly into what they were doing) and then to hold him at arms length with all her rules years later. I didn't like that she was so selfishly wrapped up in her issues. But then she started to grow. She owned to her mistakes and started to live a little with Ethan's help. It ended up being very satisfying to see Grace grow so much from the first part of the book to the end. Just as an aside, I got to where I was eager to see what spectacular sexy clothing stunt she was going to pull around each holiday. Its a toss-up between the Wonder Woman costume at Halloween or the hint that she wore shamrock printed undies on Paddy's Day.Now Ethan, he was Grace's opposite in some ways. He was confident about his career and his sex appeal to the point of arrogance, but he mostly did it to get Grace to lighten up. I liked how this confident arrogance was juxtaposed with his vulnerability of giving Grace his heart. He really grew too from the beginning when he was more mercenary about his job to the end when he started considering career choices that actually touched him.If you're looking for a nice Contemporary Romance where the romance is steamy between two people that really come into their own by the end, give this one a try.

3.5 starsGrace Santiago is the senate staffer for a lifer senator, Kip Halloway. But she is more than just an employee. Her mom works for the senator and since she was a young girl she's been a part of the Halloway family and she strongly believes in everything that Halloway stands for. She's also infatuated with his grandson and thinks that they are meant to be together.She grew up with him and has leaned on him in the past. He was her first everything. Until she met Ethan Castle in law school and she was tempted to do things that she would normally never consider. Something happens though and it forces her to ask Blaine for help and then drop out of law school, leaving Ethan puzzled and demanding answers he never gets. Years later, they are once again together and their attraction can't be denied... or ... maybe it can. I liked this book. I didn't love it, but it was well written and the characters were likable. Even though at times I found Grace a bit irritating I still thought she was a good character.This is where I struggle when writing reviews because with this story, I was kind of middle of the road. I didn't dislike it, but there was nothing to this that really made me feel like I couldn't read it fast enough and that's the feeling I'm always looking for when reading a book.The characters were likable, the story was pretty good and the plot was interesting. I just ... wanted more I think. The chemistry was there between the characters, but it was more of a lukewarm than a hot for me. Give this a read if you're looking for some smart, witty dialogue and you enjoy political drama. Definitely something light and fun!This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare:

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Also on http://sillymelody.blogspot.comSo yesterday I started Stephanie Draven's In Bed with the Opposition. I have to say that I was pretty amaze with the story, because I'm not really into politics. However, this was pretty good read. So, let me share with you a political caper and my thoughts.Growing up in unstable life, Grace Santiago made sure her life mission was stable. Which is pretty hard when your working in politics. However, she has manage with her Personal Life Handbook and tries to follow those rules to a T. Yet, whenever Ethan Castle is around those rules go out the window. Ethan has had a thing for Grace and he's not going to let her get away this time around. Even it means working for the opposition to be close her. This should be interesting.As I said in the beginning, I'm not really into politics. However, in this story it wasn't bad. I actually enjoyed the story. I really like the chemistry between Grace and Ethan. I think being on the opposite side made the story engaging. I absolutely love how Ethan brought out Grace's true self out. So, if you are looking for a quick read that has a political twist to it, you might enjoy In Bed with the Opposition. So, happy reading.Copy provide by the author
—Melody May (What I'm Reading)

This is a political romance. The romance is set during a campaign for senate. SD's voice is very captovating. The political background is very well written. The secondary characters are very lively.The main characters are likeable & well portrayed. Grace is a quirky & uptight h who likes lists, rules & order in her life. Ethan is a campaign manager & talk show celebrity. They had a hot affair at law school and when they meet again, 10 years later, sparks starts to fly. Grace is torn between her loyalty to her boss, whom she knew all her life, & her on-off relation with his grandson Blain and the attraction she feels for Ethan, who is now managing the campaign of the opposition.A compelling read with witty dialogue, sizzling attraction & entertaining political debate.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly, and the characters made me care more about politics and their far-reaching lives. Grace was a lovely heroine, who--although frustrating at times--really inspired me and made me believe in who she was with Ethan. Most heroines claim that the heroes of the story make them "better people", but following Grace through her struggle and being with her during her epiphany was very realistic and just made me like her even more. Ethan was a realistic sweetheart who wasn't afraid to push Grace (most of the time) and wasn't afraid of admitting his stupid mistakes (which I admire in a person). Just about the only character I couldn't connect with was Kip Holloway, which was surprising considering how offensive both Blain and Dale were to Grace. Kip seemed too demeaning and demanding of someone he supposedly saw as "family", and I really had no sympathy for him in the end. Overall, it was a lighter and more comical romance read that I would definitely recommend for a warm autumn day. Or when you're feeling particularly political or sexually combative.

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