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In Bed With The Devil - Bercinta Dengan Iblis (2011)

In Bed With The Devil - Bercinta Dengan Iblis (2011)

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About book In Bed With The Devil - Bercinta Dengan Iblis (2011)

Fantastic! I'm so glad I decided to read this book. It was great. The writing, the story. I loved the chemistry between Catherine and Luke. They're dialogue was sometimes funny, sometimes witty and I just wanted them to continue talking to each other. Catherine was such a great heroine. Strong, funny, sacrificing herself for her loved ones. I cried for her when she was in the garden with her father. I sometimes wanted to hit Luke in the head. He kept on saying how much he loved Frannie but the way he thought of her and described his wanting her was so obvious it was more a brother/sister love than anything else. But he was too blind to realize it. But despite that I loved him too. The supporting characters were all great as well and I look forward to reading their books. But after reading this one, I don't know if the others could compare. Catherine and Luke have become one of my favorite romance couples. "In Bed With the Devil" has served as my introduction to Lorraine Heath. I was on the prowl for more romance authors after a disappointing foray with Johanna Lindsey. GoodReads recommended this author based on my liking for Loretta Chase, and I'm glad that chose "Scoundrels of St. James" to start off with.Having come off such a bad reading binge with unreasonable male characters, Lucian restored my faith in the tortured hero archetype. His childhood is consistently compared to Oliver Twist, both among reader reviews and within the story itself. Having lived among the pick-pockets and the peers of London, his inner turmoil regarding where he belongs is at the forefront of his conflict. However, despite all this, he is honest (in his own way) and caring to those that are important to him.Catherine is also not the standard heroine. She is courageous and, though she respects Society's rules, she does not allow herself to be bound by them. Her relationship with the Devil Earl changes from curious interest to respect and love as their friendship deepens. The protectiveness she shows towards Winnie is the main driver of the story, but the decision that first led her to Lucian's library felt like forced writing. The couple's steamy scenes were very hot, but a nagging feeling persisted at the back of my mind when Catherine offered herself to a man practically betrothed.Overall, I loved the witty dialogue and intrigue of Lucian's spotty memory. The author was not afraid to go into the darker parts of human nature in this story as it explored themes of spousal abuse, exploitation of children, rape, and murder. I look forward to seeing where the rest of Feagan's children wind up (hopefully with their own Happily Ever Afters).

Do You like book In Bed With The Devil - Bercinta Dengan Iblis (2011)?

Very creative story. It would of been a five start but the Frannie obsession got on my last nerve.

Good story, great characters, no contrived drama, but just a little slow on occasion.

Very nice story and steamy love scenes but very tasteful.

So good.


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