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Immortal City (2012)

Immortal City (2012)

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1595145060 (ISBN13: 9781595145062)

About book Immortal City (2012)

I was incredibly skeptical about this book, which (to be honest) is a feeling that followed me into the first, maybe, quarter of the book? It seemed very cliché, and I'm honestly very tired of romance stories in general, as they tend to repeat the same things. All these couples could blend into one sometimes. (Not to mention the overwhelming "I'm not LIKE other girls" vibe. I could say this a million times, but it's cheap and it's vaguely misogynistic. I'm not gonna go into that, though.)HOWEVER, with an incredibly interesting concept, an exciting plot, and some characters I didn't expect to really like, I finished this book on an all-nighter. Honestly, I didn't see the twists coming and just the entire idea of angels deciding humans aren't Good Enough to save was so intriguing and realistic. What wasn't quite AS realistic was the angels turning the saves into a capitalism cesspool. But, nonetheless, it was cool to sort of theorize while reading why that might be.And, wow, I was so so worried that the author was going to fridge one of the female characters, it almost put me right off. (No spoilers, but!!!! No fridging!!!) AND the ending was incredible. I very rarely enjoy endings but this one leaves me wanting to think and talk about this book/universe for a while! Quite a disappointing read, to be honest. The old familiar concept of forbidden love wasn't exploited to it's full potential, the main characters were difficult to relate to. The main character, Maddy, was somewhat irritating and most of her choices really challenged my patience when reading the book.The plot was easy to follow and the ending wasn't a huge disappointment but overall the book did not meet my expectations.

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More like 4.5 stars.This surprised me. I wasn't expecting to like this. Review to come.

Sounds pretty good but didn't live up to full expectations for me.

This book was awesome. I didn't want to put it down.

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