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Im Hohen Gras (2013)

Im hohen Gras (2013)

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Joe Hill has quickly made it onto my list of favourite authors. He's a refreshing change for the horror genre; with a style very much like his father's, but with a more modern feel. I've always loved a good horror story, but a lot of the big authors feel either stuck in the past or heavily hinged on demonic forces to hold the story together. Whilst there's a time and place, I loved this short story for both it's language and a modern take on a classic "WTFA" scenario.A suspenseful thriller; I love how the reader is left without any real explanation for the forces behind the story. It keep is the horror going long past the end of the prose. Padre e hijo, Stephen King y Joe Hill, juntos en un relato corto que si bien, recuerda mucho a historias como "Los chicos del maíz" o "N", para mí, es uno de los mejores relatos cortos que tiene. La historia es muy sencilla, dos hermanos, Cal y Becky, van de viaje pero cuando se detienen a descansar escuchan a un lado de la carretera, donde la hierba crece muy alto, la voz de un niño pidiendo auxilio. Una historia corta bastante efectiva, atrapante y retorcida, en la que padre e hijo demuestran todo su talento a la hora de contar historias y sacarte de la zona de confort.

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A strange but interesting story based on grass. Lol only King could pull that off and make it good.

This is pretty much Children of the Corn with minor variations and not nearly as good.

A good quick thrill, though not as good as their last collaboration, Throttle.

Makes Children of the Corn seem like Strawberry Shortcake. Kansas, represent!

A good story by a father and son team.

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