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Il Mondo Sommerso (1998)

Il mondo sommerso (1998)

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8880894153 (ISBN13: 9788880894155)
Baldini Castoldi Dalai (I Nani)

About book Il Mondo Sommerso (1998)

Había leído buenas críticas de este autor pero me parece que he ido a escoger la peor de sus novelas. No es que el libro sea malo es que es una mezcla surrealista que no llega a tener mucho sentido. Lo mejor es la ambientación, un planeta tierra totalmente cambiado debido a una alteración solar. El escenario yo creo que es lo único que se salva, eso y que el libro es corto.Quitando lo curioso del escenario y el ejercicio de imaginación que supone solo queda una historia en la que intenta fusionar una catástrofe natural con un rollo psicoanalítico extraño mezclando militares, rebeldes pseudotribales, científicos y un protagonista que no terminas de conectar ni un poquito con el. Una mezcla de ingredientes que como resultado no deja buen sabor de boca.Salvo que te interese temática relacionada con posibles futuros catastróficos de la tierra este libro es un poco pérdida de tiempo. I'm going to chalk this up to attention span. This book is about a world where the climate had changed and the temperature had risen to the point where many regions were uninhabitable, and where the sea levels had risen and buried many cities under iguana and alligator filled lagoons of silt and plant. Several characters find themselves travelling backwards in a cerebral devolution brought on by the changed world, others loot the ruins of civilization, and others march it further North as part of a militarized humanity. This is a really cool idea, and the description of all this can be excellent, however this book bored the shit out of me. The story wasn't too slow, but I wasn't engaged. I'm not sure why - maybe I'm tired, maybe I was too stoned, maybe I wasn't stoned enough - but I struggled to finish this books 175 pages over a period of two weeks, and really only finished it due to having to sit on my ass doing laundry, and needing to kill time. It's over now.

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The garbled pretensions of a megalomaniac. Oh, and the protagonist is annoying, too.

Υπέροχο. Ατμοσφαιρικό, αν μη τι άλλο.

Think a very wet Heart of Darkness and you've got it.

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