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I Sussurri Della Notte (2012)

I sussurri della notte (2012)

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8834720385 (ISBN13: 9788834720387)

About book I Sussurri Della Notte (2012)

After the mysterious disappearance of some vampires, Cat and Bones learn that Apollyon is inciting the ghouls into a war against the vampires. He is citing Cat's new powers as a reason to overthrow the vampires. While trying to stop the groups from clashing, Cat and Bones must ask for assistance from Marie Laveau, the ghoul queen of New Orleans. But asking for her help may lead Cat and Bones to other problems they never expected.In many series the couples become boring after being together for a couple of books. This is not the case with Cat and Bones. Their relationship is solid and definitely not boring. Cat is more mature in this book and is starting to be more up front about her feelings. Bones, as usual, is totally in love with his wife and shows it.There wasn't as much action in this book compared to the previous books in the series, but the snappy dialogue and amusing scenes kept this story feeling fresh. There were many scenes with Vlad. He is a character that is definitely growing on me. Another favorite is Fabian who had a larger part in this story.I can't wait for the next book in the series. My rating: 5 Stars. Jeaniene Frost's books are like cookies for me. I read one and it's like I've fallen down the rabbit hole. I just have to read more. All of her books are jam-packed with action and humor and to top it off they're well written. They're consistently paced, and have self-contained plots and well-drawn characters so you're free to sit back and enjoy the ride without the frustration of poor writing.This Side of the Grave wasn't my favorite of the Night Huntress series but it was a Night Huntress novel which means I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Do You like book I Sussurri Della Notte (2012)?

I didn't like this one as much. The story seemed slow and routine. Still a good book and series.

The BEST one yet! So funny, sexy, and action packed!And the ending! Ohmygosh!

Your right Angela, it's getting better,and I'm really liking the series!


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