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I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education And Changed The World (2014)

I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Changed the World (2014)

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1478902329 (ISBN13: 9781478902324)
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About book I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up For Education And Changed The World (2014)

راوی این کتاب از دست ملکه‌ی انگلیس و اوباما جایزه دریافت کرده است. هیچ فکر نمی‌کردم در ایران اجازه‌ی انتشار پیدا کند، آن هم توسط ۴ انتشارات!نویسنده در این کتاب به عنوان یک شرقی، مسلمان، پاکستانی و اهل سنت همه‌ی لایه‌های هویتی خود را به سخره می‌گیرد و به وهن می‌کشاند.البته قضاوت وی ناظر به پدیدار اسلام است نه حقیقت آن و دردمندانه و متأسفانه باید اعتراف کنیم پدیدار اسلام امروز خیلی فجیع‌تر و نابخردانه‌تر از آن چیزی است که در این کتاب بی‌رحمانه و یک‌جا نفی شده است.وای بر ما مسلمانان که چنین چهره‌ی کریهی از اسلام به جهانیان نمایانده‌ایم. کیست که ایتام محنت‌زده‌ی آل محمد ص را دریابد؟ I think Malala is an amazing young woman and she has accomplished so much in her short life. Don't get me wrong, her story is incredible, but the book left a bit to be desired. First of all, don't hate me for saying that I didn't enjoy reading it. I don't dislike Malala, I dislike the book. Second, I think the coauthor wrote most of this book. I think they should have waited another year for Malala's English to develop more and for her to adapt to her new life before they wrote this book. But, of course, it is all about the money. That's the thing I hated the most. You could fit her story into a lengthy news article. More people would read it and like it. But no, those do not get any money, so let's write a long book that is only exciting at the very end and beginning! Yay!Fourthly, this book went on and on about the landscape of Pakistan, the history of Pakistan, and on and on and on! I couldn't stand it! We get it, your life sucks! It seemed to me like they were building up all this pity and sympathy towards Malala and Pakistan so once she gets shot, everyone starts mourning and vowing to do everything she says. Without the beginning, that fast forwards into the book, I would have put this down right away. Lastly, I am in the middle of reading this book now. If there is no excitement at the end like I said in the 4th paragraph, I am sorry. Also, please keep in mind I am a 12 year girl. Don't be mean, I am not dissing Malala. I get it if you don't agree with me, but I am just sharing what I believe. After all, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

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Lots of information about the history of Pakistan in an interesting writing style.

Incredible story. Amazing girl. Wow.

eye opening book!

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