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Humaine (2011)

Humaine (2011)

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2226220011 (ISBN13: 9782226220011)
Albin Michel

About book Humaine (2011)

I loved this book!! Even though I detest blood, all these vampire books are really fun to read...Twilight, Jessica's Guide To Dating on the Dark Side, and now this :) So Lenah is a vampire who undergoes a ritual in which her friend, Rhode, sacrifices his life so she could be human. The catch? It costs him his life, as is expected. To give life, life is also taken. He leaves her instructions and enrolls her into a private elite boarding school. Although she was one of the oldest and most powerful of vampires, she still appears to be young from when Rhode had changed her into a vampire centuries ago. She meets Tony who is her best friend at school, and Justin...the hot, popular guy who is intrigued by her. She is beautiful, rich, and incredibly smart as a human...the perks of living so long that you can retain all the knowledge in the world. Meanwhile, the exceedingly powerful coven that Lenah created is out to find her, as well as her past lover, Vicken, who is bound to her. The coven wants to reunite with their Queen. Lenah still tries to live her human life out to the fullest, and experiences many emotions that are new to her and does many activities with Justin and Tony. By the way, Justin and Lenah are together now...after Justin dumps his ridiculous girlfriend. Lenah acts like a martian, not knowing what a boat is, what snorkelling is, what prom is, what a club is, what bungee jumping is. But it's kind of cute I guess because then Justin can take her on a whirlwind of adventures! Then Lenah does something very shocking...she tells Justin the truth. That she is a vampire. And he takes it surprisingly well. I find that odd, but wonderful that he still loves her. In fact he supports her. However, soon time has come and the coven tracks her down. She gets bitten by Vicken and made a vampire again, then is taken back to her mansion and is given a test. She is brought a girl, but instead of thriving to kill her and drink her blood, Lenah saves her and runs away. She has changed and according to vampire rules, she will by killed by her coven. Lenah travels back to school to save Justin and they plan a defense.The coven come and kill Tony, but she summons up the power of sunlight and in the 4 to 2 battle, she defeats her coven. She obliterates them, except for Vicken. She then decides to make the sacrifice that Rhode made for her, because it is her instinct that Vicken was meant to someday be human. So she performs the ceremony and is excepted to die, but she miraculously doesn't and Justin is so adorable, displaying his love and crying for her. Now she has to decide what to do...was she destined to do something? Does this mean Rhode is still alive? Ahhhhh!! I am so excited to read the next book: Stolen Nights :D I highly recommend this book!! I'm not as impressed with this book as I was when I read it about two or three years ago for the first time. Considered giving it 2 stars but gave it 3 instead because the idea of the book was an original one. Problem is, it was kinda poorly executed. Also, Lenah definitely doesn't seem like someone who has lived for more than 500 years and Justin Enos is a useless, bland, generic-popular-boy love interest.

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Kind of a different take on the vampire theme. I liked it well enough to read the next one.

It is a great book!The writing is really good and the story it is too!

It was very good and amazing!

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