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How To Flirt With A Naked Werewolf (2011)

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (2011)

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About book How To Flirt With A Naked Werewolf (2011)

I really liked the book a lot.I've read a lot of wherewolf books and other supernaturals but this was 'easy reading'. I had a day off and started the book and I finished it that same night. I had to keep reading. It was fun (I am a really big Will Farrell fan) and I saw Blue from the film Oldschool standing in the bar. I loved how the people had their own personality's.Started the other day with part 2 about Maggie. Hysterically funny! Mo moved up to Alaska to get away from her controlling hippy-carryover parents, flower children who never found their way into the "real world." She was raised at protest marches and protest pickets and protest everything-else and taught at home by parents who didn't have the foggiest idea what would serve her for the rest of her life. She ate carob cookies for dessert and generally was forced into their lifestyle until she finally broke free enough to go to public school. Not even that weaned her parents from her. So she moved out in the middle of the night and left no forwarding address.If you haven't read the book, this might sound like her parents are horrible people, but the parts of the book where Mo talks about her upbringing are nearly the funniest parts of the book. She finds herself in a little town called Grundy, Alaska, a Southern transplant about to have a sudden introduction into Real Winter. By being in the right place at the right time she finds herself with a new job where she gets to meet all the characters in the village, including one good-looking but grumpy man who snarls every time he sees her. Turns out he's the cousin of her new boss/BFF, and both seem to be hiding secrets. Then there's the hunk of a game warden, the old man who is constantly inviting her to move in with him, the fellow waitress who wants all men for herself and particularly Mr Grumpy, and an assortment of other inhabitants.Add some missing young hikers, a murderous truck driver, more cousins, and the grumpy man's equally grumpy sister and you have a rip-roaring, side-splitting, nail-biting ride.

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Cute, fun, quick read! Recommend for a nice romantic weekend afternoon read.

Could've been more adorable had it not been all over the place. :c

A nice little surprise! I really enjoyed listening to this :)

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