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Hot Blood: Tales Of Erotic Horror (1989)

Hot Blood: Tales of Erotic Horror (1989)

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About book Hot Blood: Tales Of Erotic Horror (1989)

There is a line of thought that sex and horror (death) are linked; and it's not just because Hammer horror films started integrating nudity by the late 60's and a lot of people grew up on them.The link seems to be loss of control. Great sex culminates in a white hot primal climax that renders both parties momentarily incapable of rational thought. In good relationships this mutually beneficial loss of cognoscent abilities is not noticed. The physical is all that matters and that's becuase the partners trust one another.What if that trust isn't there though? What if someone has a different set of values for what brings them pleasure? Then that loss of control can lead to definite unpleasantness. Turning something that's supposed to be pleasurable into something frightening is an easy fear to exploit. It also gives most readers an easy 'in' to these stories. Who hasn't felt the urge and realized that it might lead to unsound decision making? (C'mon even Spock lost it during Pon Farr.)That's the basis for these stories and this entire series. It's not a link we're likely to see go away anytime soon. (Because it's so true.)

I would have given this a 4.5 if I could have. It was a great little group of stories that elicited many different emotions and actions. They are stories that combine a little sex with a little horror as the title states. I found myself facinated with the woman that through sex could take over her lovers' bodies and chuckling over The Thang (sometimes you get what you ask for) and grossed out by The Meat Market. These little anthologies are not for everyone but if you are a horror fan or an erotica fan with a strong stomach not looking for romance, give them a try. This is the first of many.

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Hot Blood 1 is a collection of over 20 short stories, supposedly on an "Erotic Horror" theme, although my edition is subtitled "Tales of Provocative Horror" instead. The stories are of varying lengths, from just a few pages to around 30 in some cases. As is usually the case with collections, the quality varies from pretty good, through not bad, to what the...?I found the title to be a little misleading. While there are horror and sexual elements to many of the stories, I can't agree that this is a collection of "Tales of Erotic Horror". I guess this tittilating title was a marketing ploy. Many of the stories are oddities and would fit into an "Outer Limits" or "Tales of the Unexpected" theme. This isn't a bad thing, just not quite what the reader would expect from the cover.Overall, a varied collection of unusual tales that has enough entertainment value for fans of horror oddities with a bit of sex thrown in here and there.
—Joe Stamber

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