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Honolulu (2009)

Honolulu (2009)

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0312360401 (ISBN13: 9780312360405)
St. Martin's Press

About book Honolulu (2009)

At the turn of the century shiploads of Korean 'picture brides' arrived in Honolulu, lured by promises of prosperity by marrying well-off Korean men they'd chosen through their photos. The reality was entirely different; most of the men were older, poor labourers on sugar or pineapple plantations who mistreated their new wives. Brennert bravely takes on the voice of Jin, a picture bride who leaves her abusive husband to create a new life for herself in the teeming, divisive, multi-cultural Chinatown of old Honolulu. While the author sometimes indulges in some flowery language to describe Jin's feelings, he nonetheless expertly weaves her story into the historic fabric of a fledgling US territory that was basically established by corporate interests. Jin, Zelig-like, meets colourful characters like Sadie Thomson and the tough but fair cop who inspired the Charlie Chang movies. A family friend becomes a defendant in a real-life trial that exposed the rift between well-to-do Americans and the Polynesians who mainly toiled in the service industry. She even plays a role in establishing the lucrative "Hawaiian shirt" industry. Anyone interested in looking beyond the tourist veneer of Hawaii will enjoy this book. I read this book while vacationing in Honolulu, which made it feel more alive and current. The protagonist is an engaging emigre to Hawaii from Korea. She arrived as a picture bride, but her life did not go smoothly, and she provides a first-person narrative of her struggles, sorrows, and triumphs through to age 60. Well researched, completely plausible, the novel pulled me in and made me want to read more by this author. I will read his first book next--"Molokai." Highly recommend "Honolulu."

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Great story about Honolulu. Not as good as Moloki - but still an entertaining read.

Liked this story...............very interesting and kept me reading.

I enjoyed this book, but not as much as Molokai.

Wonderful story of self realization.

Loved this book

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