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Honky Tonk (2013)

Honky Tonk (2013)

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I really enjoyed the beginning of this book, buy it went downhill quickly. as many have said, the editing was really bad. it was incredibly distracting to me. once Ethan and hunter started their relationship, I didn't find anything believable. Ethan seemed to change overnight and hunter expected him to join the bdsm lifestyle with almost zero explanation. I may come back to finish it one day, but for now it's a dnf. Loved it! Ethan was super sexy with just the right touch of vulnerability. Hunter's aloofness in the beginning really set the stage for the passion that develops later on between the characters and the drama the author expertly weaves into the idyllic southern landscape. The villains are relentless and the supporting characters are not always so easy to place in the good guy box keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. You will definitely not regret buying this read if you love books where alpha men are unapologetic in their desires the men who love them are willing to go to the mat for them, you will love Honky Tonk.

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Now I'm stuck waiting for book 2!Darn it!Can't wait!

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