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Holding Out (2013)

Holding Out (2013)

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Lila Rose

About book Holding Out (2013)

If I could have given this book a .5 rating I would have. I stopped after 40 pages in...and I really wanted to stop way before that but I thought I'd give it a chance.NOPE. Just nope. As another reviewer stated - this was like a bad SNL Parody. Way too many characters, the plot line was terrible and far too rushed, and I just didn't believe the scenario at all.Will not be finishing this book or reading the next ones. The h was a little too silly and indecisive. The humor provided by Deanna and Julian kept me interested, otherwise I don't know if I'd have finished the book. The end was good. I just cannot believe the h forgave the H so easily. What the hell was that about? He gave her a ridiculous explanation that no sane woman would be comfortable with and she was okay with it. No matter what the circumstances, he was wrong and deserved to have his ass kicked.

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Bought as part of Open Road: A Bikers Anthology to be released on 9/8/14

I funny (julian i love u xD) so hot and romantic :3

Set in Ballarat!! Loved it!

Open Road anthology


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