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Hjemsøgt (2012)

Hjemsøgt (2012)

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I hate having to give this book one star, but I have to be honest. This book just wasn’t for me. I love ghost stories, so I was immediately drawn in by the premise, but it was mostly overshadowed by a lot teen angst and boring, everyday teenage things. I mean, I get it, this is a book for teens and the all the characters are teens, but if I had just found out that I could see ghosts and that a ghost keeper--I’d like to think I’d have more pressing things on my mind then obsessing over a guy. And I think this is my main problem with Emma. She comes off as shallow to me. Her entire family goes missing, goes to live with an old friend of her brother‘s and is forced to go to a new school, and finds out she’s a ghost keeper. This would have a pretty big emotional impact on a normal person. I think I’d be sobbing in a corner somewhere. But not with Emma. She’s too busy lusting after Bennett to really worry about much else. Speaking of Bennett, I felt nothing about her relationship with him. The chemistry just wasn’t there for me. It was also hard for me to really like Bennett because he was never really there for her throughout the book, even though she was going through such huge stuff. And I wasn’t into the writer’s reason why they couldn’t be together. I just didn’t buy it.The writing wasn’t really there for me and plot-wise, too many unrealistic things happened in this book that it made it hard for me to really get into it because I was too busy thinking, that would never happen. Sorry to say I doubt I’ll be picking up the next book. In Deception is and awesome book ever is about a teenage girl that doesn't know the history of her family tht she is a ghostkeeper. And she in the beggining she hangs out with natalie and she betrays her because she calls the police and they come to pick emma up because she doesn't have contact with her parents. And then a guardian comes and claims to have the custody of Emma . Is not her parents definitely... is not her brother max or abby is emma crush bennett and though out the book and there series there is an attraction between them and bennett doesn't want to realize that she loves emma sort of a love triangle coby bennett and Emma full of pack of adventures and will love break the powerful force Neos the wraith Master.....?

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i loveeeed this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its totally awesome

It was great. It had a lot of action and great lines.

This book is in my March wrap up!

It was not as good as I hoped.

Quick, easy read.

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