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His Need, Her Desire (2013)

His Need, Her Desire (2013)

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Tabitha was supposly gonna be sharing a vacation to Hawaii with a friend of hers. Her friend calls and ends up and say she can't go while Tabitha is already there at the airport in Hawaii. She decides not to ruin her vacation and so she stays. She falls in love with Hawaii. She overhears a man telling his sister she believes she is anyway, not to be so selfish and immature. She then meets him when she doesn't pay attention when she is in the water and she goes far out in the water then she intends. He rescues her. They end up going on a date and making out, he denies himself and ends up shutting her hotel door with just her in it. But the next date on his boat they end up having incrediable loving. She knows what kind of stuff he is into and still does it. She wants to learn the things he likes to do. This story is really good it has stuff for everyone romance, erotica and passion. A must read. The Hawaiian setting makes this the perfect read for a mental vacation! Tabitha's actions and thoughts are realistic, and frankly a little frightening how much she sounds like me. Then the story gets all sizzly H-O-T!!! Well written, probably better than most full-length (giggling at the pun) best-selling romance novels. I don't usually give erotica 5 stars but I would definitely read this one again, and I'll be looking for more from this author!

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It was just ok. Not a memorable story.

could not read - deleted in Amazon

cant wait to read the next one!

Review under BookJunkyGirls

Excellent Book!

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