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Him (2013)

Him (2013)

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0988771373 (ISBN13: 9780988771376)
Carey Heywood

About book Him (2013)

chjooo, 3/5 za nápad, který by se podle mě dal použít mnohem lépe.Začátek, to bylo fajn, ale vážně...kdo utíká kvůli takovým kravinám?Zdálo se mi to docela vyumělkovaný. To jako...řekne jenom omlouvám se a všechno je fajn...po sedmi letech? Těšila jsem se na to, ale teď váhám jestli mám jít do druhého dílu...Když tady to bylo...až nepřirozené. Všichni nějak moc happy. Sarah Miller and Will Price. This book is her POV. I really liked it. I love the backstory along with present day. their history...and there seems to always be a bitch (story and real life) that always wants to ruin a relationship because she be a jealous ho! they have a history and reunite at her brothers wedding after not seeing each other for 7 years. and what is it about weddings? ;) of course its not that simple. the were separated by choice for a reason. now after all this time, will they finally talk and get everything out in the open!?what a few lies can do to a person/people! its disgusting and there should be a punishable law for it! still, I really liked the story and kept hoping for the happy, fateful ending :) now for his POV.

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I liked... Sweet, romantic, a bit butterflying... Worth reading.

Great story!!!!

DNF at 35%

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