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Here I Stay (2007)

Here I Stay (2007)

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This spooky story is about a woman who will do anything to care for her younger brother. Andrea has been in charge of her younger brother Jim since their parents' deaths when Andrea was 19 and Jim was 7. The parents left nothing and it has been a major struggle for Andrea. She became hyper-focused on creating a good life for them. When Jim is in a car accident and almost dies, Andrea pulls him back. Then she throws herself into turning an old house that she inherited from a great aunt into a bed and breakfast. Andrea is so focused and single-minded that she refuses to acknowledge that the house has a presence that may not be good for either of them. She finds the previous owner, Mary Fairfax, to be a sort of role model for her as she was a widowed woman with a child who was determined to have a business and succeed in a time when Victorian ladies didn't do that sort of thing. Jim becomes obsessed with Mary's daughter Alice.Martin Greenspan becomes a long term boarder at the B & B. He's a reporter who is writing a book. He also holds completely opposite political views from Andrea. He successfully befriends Jim and falls in love with Andrea. Andrea keeps him at arm's length because of her own obsessions with success and keeping Jim happy.The story was spooky and just a little dated. It was written in 1983 in a time before cell phones and the internet. My first real clue to the age of this story was the number of people who were smoking. I have to say that I didn't like Andrea very much. She was so rigid and focused and blind to anything that didn't fit into her worldview. If you are looking for a story that is spooky but with out graphic violence, this is the one for you.

Oh this one made me cry! On the other hand, having multiple siblings, I could really feel for the main character. Andrea has had sole custody of her younger brother since her father died tragically ten years before. When her brother, now nineteen, is involved in a terrible car accident, she pushes, begs, manipulates and does everything she possibly can to encourage him along including sinking all of her life savings into converting a house she inherited into a bed and breakfast. When her brother joins her at the house though, she finds he has an obsessive and morbid curiosity for the place. Talk of ghosts infuriates her, and yet she feels encouraged and comforted by one presence within the house. Jim on the other hand feels trapped and oppressed. Can Andrea help Jim overcome his misery and depression? Or will another presence within the house have its way?

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Well, where do I start? I'm not going to be nice in this review... sorry...This is the very first book by Barbara Michaels that I've ever read.I am not a published author or an editor; however, I am an aspiring author. And because of so, I have some very strong feelings about books. Be forewarned!I didn't care for this book at all. I did finish it, but I don't know why. Sorry to the writer, but this one really fell flat.I couldn't stand Andrea. She smothered that poor kid almost to death! Callin

Overall, this is probably my least favorite Barbara Michaels book, even though it had all the same elements that I expect and enjoy in her books.There were many things I liked about Here I Stay . I loved the cranky old black cat, Satan, which sounds like a twin to my own cat and may have possibly been an immortal creature. The ghost story was very good here too and I liked the concept of the spirits having an effect on the moods and personalities of the characters. Last but not least, I always love how Barbara Michaels sets her stories in amazing-sounding old houses that the main character is remodeling. I have always been fascinated with old houses and think it would be so cool to fix one up some day and run a bed and breakfast like Andy did in this book. Now, as far as what I didn't like... First and foremost, I couldn't stand the main character! I'm not someone who expects a goody-two-shoes as a main character. In fact, I like a character with many flaws because its more realistic. Andy, however, was just not likeable at all. She was pushy, possessive, and for lack of a better word, kind of a bitch. At times so much so that it was extremely annoying and I found myself rolling my eyes. I also was a little disappointed in the ending as it just seemed rushed and didn't leave the reader with much closure.

I wasn't too fond of this Barbara Michaels book. Other reviewers have mentioned disliking the female protagonist for obvious reasons--she has an unhealthy, smothering relationship with her younger brother that would drive anyone nuts.But by the end, I actually found myself disliking the younger brother even more. I found myself thinking yes, clearly you notice your sister's waiting on you hand and foot when it feels controlling or smothering, or when you're blaming her for surviving an accident, but you don't seem to notice it when you're leaving beer cans all over the house and trusting her to pick them up, or whiling away your days with whatever hobby you fancy at the moment while she supports you or screwing around with the stupid teenager maid (I kept picturing her getting pregnant and Andy doing all the hard work of raising the kid). Even his obsession with death just seemed like another example of Jimmie's self-involvement. So while I got that ultimately Andy was the one who was supposed to learn she was selfish trying to keep him on earth, she still got a pretty raw deal, losing her parents and her stepmother and then her brother who now got to hang out drinking beer in heaven with his new friends. So in the end I kind of disliked both of them.

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