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Her Summer With The Marine (2014)

Her Summer with the Marine (2014)

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I don't know where I've heard it, I'm not even sure of the complete story, but I remember one day, decades ago when I was in high school, about a guy talking about his dead girlfriend with whom he'd been rivals at school. I remember him telling they competed in about every single subject, always comparing their grades after they were announced to see who got the higher score, trying to beat each other in tests and exams. And then some day this rivalry turning into a challenging love. I don't remember what happened to her, or if the guy even said it, but I remember him mentioning her dying, and how much he missed her and their competition. It put a lump in my throat back then and somehow I kept it at the back of my mind to this day, but reading this book it brought that small tidbit back. It still puts a lump in my throat, and if it was real, I dedicate this reading experience to that guy and his girlfriend.I love bickering love stories. I might've said this a few times before, but let me say it again. They're my absolute favorite along with friends-to-lovers plot. So naturally I fell in love with this story. Maybe because it reminded me of that memory, maybe because it was about one my favorite story lines, but I did. I did love this book. Of course the reasons are not solely these two, the fact that the characters were so likable and relatable, and the painful personal backstories and struggles of both the hero and the heroine, the situations that anyone can find themselves in real life any minute, they all add to the book's appeal. I was so immersed in the story and the characters that I couldn't even find the time to post updates about my reading progress. After every necessary break I took-a girl's gotta eat after all- I came rushing back to Finn and Ellie. As individuals, they were strong, tough as nails characters that I'd be more than happy to get to know, and as a couple they were sweet and sexy. I loved Ellie's solitary persona who secretly-and yet unknowingly- longed for companionship, and Finn's skepticism towards love, marriage and commitment, and how, when he needed to take a step back and view things in a new light, he was able to step up and do it. As much as he was afraid of true, deep emotion, he wasn't a coward when it came to accepting things. And anyway, Ellie was there to keep him on his toes, to show him the right way. All throughout the book, they had such a good balance, of love, of friendship, of rivalry, that I couldn't help but be a tiny bit envious. Although the title of the book includes the word 'marine', there wasn't much that tied this story to the military background and memories. Except for the mention of Finn's signing up for the military and him having spent time in Afghanistan, the main plot doesn't revolve around that part of his past. This was more a story of emotional and physical struggles and how two people who've seen the worst of some things can come together and find solace in each other. Finn and Ellie tried hard to push each other by way of competing, but what they really tried was to push forward so they could leave some of the ugliness behind. And in that regard, only the two could understand each other. I loved that bond, it made their love so much more real.This is a lovely story about forgetting and forgiving, about second chances and starting over, about two people who can heal each other and be happy. It was emotional, sweet, and definitely worth the time it kept me away from eating the bar of chocolate I had stashed away. Ps. I had to devour it after reading this book. A whole block of milky heaven, because it was that kind of story. Thanks to the author for writing it, and thanks to whoever came up with milk chocolate.

Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review 4 STARSThis is one of those books that defies the old adage “you can’t go home again.” In Her Summer with the Marine, we see two high school rivals returning home for different reasons both after being chased out of town by demons they’d dealt with for a good part of their lives. Now facing off for business in this small town, these two must deal with their teenage actions that left one feeling used and the other comforted; one parent in a health crisis and the other trying to regain her life, and the undeniable chemistry they have for one another in what seems an impossible situation. This book is not a light and fluffy romance, it deals with some real issues and while the hero and heroine do manage to find their way to one another it’s not without a lot of stumbling along the way.My heart is breaking for Ellie McDermott, the heroine, as she returns home to find that her father has been battling Alzheimer’s on his own for no telling how long. Forced to place him in a care facility and run his mortuary business because he’s asked her to and he wants her close, she finds herself back in the town where she never quite got over her mother’s betrayal and the gossip that followed her death. On top of that the boy turned man she’s competed against from elementary school through high school is also back after a stint in the Marines and has opened up his own mortuary business that is direct competition for her father’s business. After taking her virginity all those years ago he’s now out to ruin her father’s business and while she can’t let that happen she also can’t deny the attraction she feels for him.Finn Donovan feels like his life is finally on track. He’s back home, he’s opened a business that while isn’t booming is beginning to make a name for itself, and he’s finally gotten his mother out of clutches of his abusive father. Then she comes back to town; the one girl that knows his secret, the one that challenged him his whole life and made him a better Marine because of it, the one woman he find himself utterly attracted to, and the one woman he should stay far away from after he gets her father’s business.I found this book so very interesting because the hero and heroine had such a different view on their past life together and their one sexual encounter. Ellie always saw Finn as an adversary and then as the boy who used her and left. Finn appreciated the way their competition kept his mind off his horrific home life and made him want more. He remembered their one night together with fondness and the feeling that someone actually cared about him. Over the course of their book, they began to see each other in all kinds of new ways and not all of them good but all of them very real. They both are forced to deal with things in their past that have hurt them and through it all they manage to build a friendship that turns into more.This book touched my soul as I too have a loved one stricken with Alzheimer’s and the way it robs you of the person you’ve loved all of your life. I appreciate the way it was handled and felt the heroine’s actions and feelings were very well written. I enjoyed this story despite the many tears I shed because if anything this disease teaches us it’s to live each day as it’s your last, let go of the past, and make memories now while you can.

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Two small town funeral home businesses (morbid, I know) are trying to stay afloat. Finn opened up his funeral home about six months ago. He came back to save his mom from his abusive father and keep her safe. He needs the business to take off to make sure that happens. He wants to buy out McDermott's Funeral Home, ran by Mark McDermott. FinnUnfortunately, Mark has Alzheimer's disease and his daughter, Ellie, has come home to help take care of him. Mark wants her to run the business side of things as he has everything else taken care of. Ellie will do anything to make her father happy so she agrees. Plus, she needs the extra income to cover the medical cost of his care. EllieFinn and Ellie have been competing against each other since grade school. One night when they were 17, Finn confides in Ellie about all of the troubles he has been having at home. That night, she gave him her virginity. The next day, he acted like she wasn't even there. Definitely a small grudge is being held 9 years later.Can Ellie and Finn keep their competition just business or will it lead to something more pleasurable?This was a nice read. I had a hard time feeling a connection between the characters maybe because they spent so much time apart in the book. Not sure what it was, but it was still an enjoyable read.ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
—Crystal~BIG book addict~

Former brief (meaning one-time) lovers, competitors all through school and they've been apart 10-years when they meet up during difficult circumstances. All of this make Ellie and Finn's story very, very interesting and Her Summer with the Marine an excellent book to read as spring approaches and it feels like love is in the air.If I went with what I didn't love about this book, there would be very little to write. I thought the writing/story was a little choppy at times, but that did not diminish my enjoyment of the story. It may be more a testament to my life while reading the story than the book itself, so don't let that deter you. Honestly I really enjoyed every second of this book. The characters are fun. Finn is sexy, one of those men that make women from 12-90 just melt between his looks and his undeniable charm. Ellie is trying to move through life, make something of a career and deal with the guilt that surrounds her and her Dad's situation. Plus she's still trying to get over that night 10 years ago with Finn. Their love/hate/amazing attraction relationship is fun and when they finally give into it, it's enjoyable to watch. Of course there will be that time of difficulty as there is with any romance (have to have conflict) but as with any romance you know they will get their happily ever after, just now how it will happen. I have to say there were surprises with this book and I look forward to more books by Ms. Meier. I can't wait to read more about Finn's brothers who are just introduced in the book but should make things interesting in the future. I believe this is the first of the Red-Hot Bliss line where the passion is a little hotter than the typical Bliss line and it is. The heat was just right for me and fit the couple in the book. It's sexy and fun and romantic all in one. I like how Ms. Meier went at this romance just a bit different with the lust vs. hate type of relationship and how the couple realizes they really play off each other well. It was fun to watch every second of their relationship and to see each character grow and surprise me.If you love your romance then this is definitely a book to try. The characters will engage you, the small town enthrall you and the storyline will make you turn pages at a fast clip. Her Summer with the Marine is a book that you shouldn't miss and I am so happy I had the chance to review it!

Absolutely loved this book and Romance story and comedy element also the chemistry between this couple, Ellie McDermott who came back home to look after her father's funderal business has he is ill, The last person she wanted to see was an ex lover with a night many years ago Finn Donovan an Ex-military tattooed and still sexy as hell, Both have allways been in competition against each other even through there school years,Both are trying to save there business for there family sake,There attraction is has strong as ever but they can't let it get in the way of saving there own family and can't let love stand in the way!

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