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Hell's Corner (2010)

Hell's Corner (2010)

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0230706150 (ISBN13: 9780230706156)

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Pros- nice paced action story-line, not to slow, not to fast- interesting subject, the plot is quite complicated but easy to digest- the plot is building and developing with some unexpected twists and turns- you'l find suspense, action, surprise twists, and much more- a very entertaining book if you enjoy this style, like I doCons- maybe a bit more humor here and there would spice up things even betterI would definitely try to read all the Camel Club series and follow this author work in the future This is a worthy end to the Camel Club series. I loved all the twists and loved that all the members and tangential members of the Camel Club come into the story at one point or another. I really liked the character of Mary Chapman, particularly the fact that she is a bit of a mystery throughout the story! There are a few problems that I did have with the book, minor but noteworthy. We see too little of Caleb and Reuben; the story works as is, but I just missed them. Also, Annabelle seems a little wimpy in this one compared with the previous two. It's as if falling in love with Alex Ford drained her of her spirit (I had the same complaint about Inkdeath). She's sobbing in several scenes, scared witless in several more and just not the fierce Annabelle that I really loved reading about before. A Camel Club novel wouldn't be complete without someone "higher up" having it in for Oliver. Weaver fills that bill but in a fairly two-dimensional way... not at all with the power and might of Carter Hayes or Mack! These little details are the only reason I couldn't give it a rating higher than three stars. This one really kept me guessing - some of my guesses were right and others were WAY off and still others were WAY off and THEN right! I love when a story keeps me on my toes AND when a series comes to a really good end. This book accomplishes both.

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Typical Baldacci themes in this novel, but as usually it kept me on my toes.

One twist too many for my attention:(

ok. not great impact.


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