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Heist Society (2010)

Heist Society (2010)

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1423116399 (ISBN13: 9781423116394)

About book Heist Society (2010)

Heist Society is about a girl named Katerina Bishop who get's dragged back into her thieving, scheming family life after her dad get's himself into a bit of trouble with a very dangerous man who wants his paintings back. Kat and her team must now attempt to steal them back before it's too late. This book was a fun read and I enjoyed it, though a bit slow moving, I think it would make a better movie. I suppose i'm just one to more enjoy those books that keep you thinking, the deep, emotional, crying, laughing, pacing kinds of books. And while it was enjoyable and well written, it just didn't captivate me in that way. It was just fun. And don't get me wrong, fun is good, I like fun, Katarina Bishop is the bold, curious, thoughtful character we wish we could all be more like and Hale her hopelessly fictional ally. The thief lingo and endless adventure is something most people crave, me included and it was fun read. Maybe 3.5? Or I'll stick with 4. SO MUCH FUN. I loved it and especially the writing, it has that 'posh' feel to it (not quite sure how to explain it) but this is one of my favourite writing styles. I did find some of the sentences awkward at times but I don't know if it was just me? Kat is a great character and I love her, especially scenes with Hale (THE DYNAMIC GUYS). And I just realised this had no romance, now that's how you get me - by making me crave more! The whole family aspect with everyone else was so nice to see and I would really love to see more of the rest fleshed out further in the series. This was such a breeze to read.

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