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Heft (2012)

Heft (2012)

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0393081508 (ISBN13: 9780393081503)
W. W. Norton & Company

About book Heft (2012)

I think this was an accurate portrayal of the lives that many people live in this world. Pain is rampant among many who suffer from depression and loss and sometimes this affects their ability to function and lead "normal" lives. The author does a great job of showing her readers a glimpse of pain and anxiety that many live daily. It's all around us and we never see it because they hide. Or they walk amongst us and we don't really know completely. A lot to think about! I enjoyed it despite the pain; I was left with hope! Unusual for me to finish a book that I rate so low, but it was assigned for book club.I didn't like Kell, and I didn't want Arthur real.I did not feel either of their strong connections to Charlene.The book did not move me or speak to me.I think i was predisposed to not like it by the title, but the brief introduction to this large man at the very beginning was the only part I found engaging.

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The story line was good, however it makes me wonder if the author just ran out of paper ?

Nice and easy reading with a quite surprising ending. I liked it.

One of the best books I've ever read.

I listened to this while working.

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