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Heavy Issues (2012)

Heavy Issues (2012)

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I really liked that Christy wasn't afraid to admit her body issues to Cole. It was nice reading a book that had REAL characters. I think every woman has issues with her body, so it was nice to read a character who talked about it and how she overcame it.Cole was amazing! He had his own issues with relationships, but he liked Christy just the way she was. He was a naughty boy too. ;) He helped Christy overcome her insecurities she had with herself and she helped him overcome his trust issues.Loved these two together! I find I'm surprised how much I overall liked this book when reading it I was supremely annoyed. First, Christine needs therapy, lots and lots of therapy. The food addiction story line was over done or maybe not done well. To be clear, she is not fat, not even over weight. She's an average 130 lbs. I actually read expecting a heavier character and maybe would have appreciated her addiction issues more if she was a little bigger. She was this neurotic mess throughout. Cole was "alpha", but really a dick. In short, it was the extreme personality characteristics I didn't like. I did enjoy the romance and the sex was scorching. So I liked the booked, but I don't think I would ever recommend to a friend.

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