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Hearts In Darkness (2013)

Hearts in Darkness (2013)

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0989465004 (ISBN13: 9780989465007)
Laura Kaye

About book Hearts In Darkness (2013)

4.5/5 starsI'm suprised by the relatively low rating on this one. I found it really enjoyable. Even though it's very short, you can certainly feel their chemistry and you become a part of their small love story. Caden and MJ are sweet and great main characters and I'm hoping there may be a longer book about them in the works.It does make me when someone is going to write a book about a squeekie clean guy falling for a tattoo-ed and pierced girl. But maybe that wouldn't be as much fun to read about. I am a sucker for stories in which people from very different worlds find an emotional connection. Even thought the entire story transpires over about eight hours, I totally bought their mutual attraction which was forged through sharing some very personal information. Caden, as the guy with the bad boy exterior and the sensitive soul was compelling. Makenna's main characteristic was to be understanding which worked well as a stand-in for the reader's perspective. I found the sex scenes to be steamy because the characters forged an emotional bond before getting down and dirty and I knew enough about where they were coming from to care about the choices they were making.The only thing I didn't care for was that the author kept rewinding scenes to replay them through the other character's eyes. I found it confusing and unnecessary. Also, I won't have minded reading more about the couple, but it worked as novella.

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A very quick read, but a fun, erotic take on what could happen with a stranger on an elevator.

I love this book. It's a short read but it flowed well. I recommend this book.

Short, steamy, stylish, intelligent = enjoyable.

This book is a great read!

very sexy

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