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Heart Of The Billionaire ~ Sam (2013)

Heart of the Billionaire ~ Sam (2013)

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1939962307 (ISBN13: 9781939962300)
J. S. Scott Publishing

About book Heart Of The Billionaire ~ Sam (2013)

I was looking forward to reading Sam and Maddie's story since I finished reading Simon and Kara's. It started out great, with posts from Maddie's journal chronicling their relationship from the beginning. Then we come back to the present and it stays on a pretty good clip. Next thing you know Maddie has done a complete 180 and its like she is a totally different person from the one I caught a glimpse of in book 1 and even at the beginning of the book. Sam was still his possessive, domineering self. I just felt he was a bit too arrogant for me. He takes cave man antics to a whole new level.Still, they had a great amount of chemistry and some amazing between the sheets moments. It just seemed that the road to their hea was a bit to cut and dry for me. Stars: 4Overall: Sam and Maddie met in college and after a few months of knowing each other, Sam breaks her heart and Maddie vows to never let that happen again. 10+ years later, Kate and Maddie are best friends and Kate is about to get married. So that means that Sam and Maddie are going to be seeing a lot of each other. Sam has been watching over Maddie even since the incident that happened to Kate, so when he finds out she is working late, he goes there and kisses her breathless. After a few days and kisses later, Maddie finds out the real reason why Sam left her and they start down a rocky road of finding their love again. Maddie also finds out she has family in places she never knew and Sam finally heals himself and learns what love is really about. Characters: Sam & MaddiePage Turner: Yes Series Cont: Yes, Next is Max's storyRecommend: Yes

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