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Hawkeye, Petits Coups (2013)

Hawkeye, Petits Coups (2013)

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About book Hawkeye, Petits Coups (2013)

Great stuff. Fraction realizes that the idea of Hawkeye as an Avenger-type superhero is kind of ridiculous, and he runs with that idea, telling a story that works on a dramatic level, but also refuses to take itself seriously. Because if you take yourself to seriously, you'll never make it out alive. Bro.Also, Aja's artwork is phenomenal. Future generations of artists are going to study this stuff, the same way they do Steranko's Nick Fury, or Gibbon's Watchmen. One of my favorites comics ever. I love Clint and Kate, they really are a good team. I love how Matt writes. He just catch me and seems like he know how to do that. Also i love the work of the penciler. Amazing job. Y'all know how to do the things. Great stories, great dialog, great subversion of all the stuff you expect in comics, great panel layout, beautiful colors, is there any details to complain about however minor?Kate bishop and Clint Barton rules. All the stories are amazing. I love every single one of this Vol 2.I think i'm pretty much so obsessed with them now.. If you are a marvel-world-nerd you should read this. It's a fast read and you spend a wonderful time in the Hawkeye's life. Day-to-day you always will have suspense, action, and adventure in this comic. You'll never get bored here. Bro, Bro, what are you waiting to read this? You are very late.

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More always more. And more Aja as the artist. Need to go read more of his work.

that one issue that's from lucky's perspective?? amazing

Not as good overall as Volume 1. Hawkeye #6-11.

Graphically elegant, as charming as ever.

Bro, seriously.

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