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Hate That Cat (2008)

Hate That Cat (2008)

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About book Hate That Cat (2008)

Creech, S. (2008). Hate that cat. New York: HarperCollins. Fiction: School StoriesCybil AwardThis is the companion book to Love That Dog, and the main character Jack is back. This story continues in the same way where Jack writes in his journal to his teacher Miss Stretchberry. Unlike the previous book which focused on Jack’s dog and his dad, this one focuses on cats and his mother. We find out just how special Jack’s relationship is with his mother. Jack started out hating cats as clearly stated in the title, but we begin to learn how his heart grows and lets a new pet into his life. Jack comes to love his teacher’s favorite pet, and the focus is now on a different poet. This book is great for a 3rd-6th grade class discussing poetry. This is a real quick read, it only took me two days. This poetry novel is an ok book. It isn't something I would purchase but I would definitely read it again. It is sort of confusing to understand (normally I would say you catch on quickly but you really don't) and that is what I don't like about this novel. It is still a great book (just a tad confusing) but I really encourage you to read this book.

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Read this to my 8th Grade Literacy class today. This was adorable. Love Jack.

A bit thin to the adult reader, but still pleasant.

I liked the book but enjoyed Love that dog better.

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