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Grey Eyes (2000)

Grey Eyes (2000)

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I managed to make it to page 79 but this book just didn't grab me. It certainly had the potential to but there way to many things I didn't enjoy in this book. The main character annoyed me to start with, from the inconsistencies of the boys she likes to the self loathing for being a terrible daughter, from the several times she is rude to her grandmother for little reason (over which she felt supposedly little control) to not confronting her grandmother for what's really important, such as wiping her memories. And then there is her several fainting episodes which just seem to happen because it makes it a tad easier for the writers. Overall I just had enough of the writing, rather than getting to the point which is at times rather obvious, it gets dragged out over several pages unnecessarily. I was pretty surprised with this book. The start of the book really dragged me in, it started off with a pretty awesome action scene. As the book progressed, the author introduced a very nice romance into the story. The author got really in depth with Ana's character, evolving her, and developing her past. I like the witch community, although the old-fashioned clothes were a little confusing at first. I can't wait to read the second book.

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This boom was not memorable and super confusing! I don't under any circumstance recommend it

Hard book to follow. But, I had to download the next one immediately.

I loved this book!!! It is very good, i cried at the end!!!

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