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Grandpa Green (2011)

Grandpa Green (2011)

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1596436077 (ISBN13: 9781596436077)
Roaring Brook Press

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Genre: Realistic FictionCopyright date: 2011I selected this book originally because it earned a Caldecott Award. If I had just read the book for the sake of reading the book, I probably would have given it a 3 or 4 rating overall. But I forced myself to slow down and take in the illustrations and really get involved in the lives of the characters. I tried to really connect with the main character, and in doing so, I fell in love with this book! It almost brought me to tears. I highly recommend this book, but make sure to truly connect with the characters. Grandpa Green by Lane SmithThis book seemed more on the sophisticated side. An overall good choice, this book seems to take place in modern day, following a boy who shares stories of his grandfather. The boy told stories of his grandfather at a young age, fighting in the World War, and wanting to study horticulture. It was descriptive in the author's writing as well as the illustrations. Each illustration matched the stories using garden plants. The book was very creative and elaborated on how the boy's great grandfather holds on to memories.This book was a very good book. Being the second Caldecott book out of the 3 I have read this week, this one seemed very original but also very new. I enjoyed reading about how someone holds onto memories and past experiences. It was rather refreshing to read a children's book that can be for a much broader audience. It seems to be the kind of book that can lead to a very powerful conversation. Overall, good read!

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Don't usually rate children's books, but I really loved this one. Beautiful.

"But the important stuff, the garden remembers for him."

Beautiful drawing.

"It was great!"

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