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Giving Up The V (2009)

Giving Up the V (2009)

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1416975586 (ISBN13: 9781416975588)
Simon Pulse

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From the opening scene at her first gyno exam to the last scene playing guitar hero with her friends, this book was funny and cute. Not an original plot by any means but an enjoyable read nevertheless. Spencer and her gang of friends had me laughing at some of their hijinks and saying "Ahh" at some of the sweeter moments. Robar really touched on the importance of friendship and being true to yourself and your decisions. And what YA book wouldn't be complete without it's resident bad boy you love to hate? I absolutely hate the book cover and title but I picked this up because I thought the subject matter about a girl contemplating "giving up" her virginity was provocative. And it is--it's just too bad the book didn't really do it any justice.This is one of those examples of an author who relies on telling vs. showing. Much of the book feels hurried and the characters seem stock and generic. Worse, I had very little connection to the main character. Outside of her thoughts about losing her virginity, I had very little clue to who she was as a person--what did she like in school? What were her hobbies? It made it pretty difficult to care about her one way or another.

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i can wait to start reading or even finish this book it looks so good and interesting

I really loved this book - it's like a new Judy Blume! Awesome!

Easy read and very relatable.

Great book! happy ending!

cute book!

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