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Girl In Translation (2010)

Girl in Translation (2010)

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About book Girl In Translation (2010)

3.5 stars. Realistic fiction. Kimberly Chang and her mother come to New York from Hong Kong dreaming of a new and improved life. They experience terrible living and working conditions while trying to keep their heads above water financially. Kimberly struggles for years as she tries to maintain her grades, bridge cultural differences at school and serve as the family interpreter. I really enjoyed reading this book. This book was interesting. The life of a modern-day Chinese immigrant. I stayed up way too late one night to finish it, so I guess it was a page-turner. But the allure came almost completely from the plot; there wasn't much of anything in the way of symbolism or beautiful language. If it had been a true-life biography or memoir I would have considered it wonderful. But for fiction, I expect more. I did gain more sympathy for true poverty. Made me feel grateful.

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A good book that was well worth a read, just not quite on five star level.

Absolutely loved this book. Was wonderful!

great read, very entertaining.

Heart wrenching...

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