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Generation A (2009)

Generation A (2009)

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0307357724 (ISBN13: 9780307357724)
Random House Canada

About book Generation A (2009)

1) I hope that our own dystopias are as fun and meaningful as the ones that Coupland writes.2) Reading is like a drug for me sometimes. I use novels specifically to lose myself, find myself, push away the world, learn more about the world, connect with the human condition, forget about the human condition, to learn, to avoid things I should learn.3) I wouldn't trust myself not to take a drug that could replicate the above mentioned feeling.4) How much longer do we think that bees have? The book started out interesting enough for me and I was able to get through the earlier parts quickly. However, later on, the story started to drag a bit for me. I did manage to finish it, and the story was relevant to the times and not really so bad, but it wasn't as great as I expected. It's only the second book of Coupland's I've read, the first being Life After God, which I much enjoyed and made me expect more from Generation A. However, I've browsed through other reviews of this book, so I'm not really discouraged about trying his other works.

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Non è assolutamente il migliore dei libri di Coupland; diciamo che manca di verve.

weird, weird but really nice story that has a bit of sad truth in it.

Enjoyed the premise, but found it hard to enjoy the characters

I liked it and here's why in poem.

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