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Generación Dead (2010)

Generación Dead (2010)

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About book Generación Dead (2010)

I really needed a silly lighthearted book, because I realized my past couple books had all been on pretty heavy topics. This is a witty take on teenage zombies coming back to life. Daniel Waters take on zombies isn't like normal zombie books, they're not monsters, just a little slow and awkward. My biggest problem was that the execution wasn't all that believable. My other big problem was the author would switch between usage of last/first names when referring to characters. It's problematic when I'm only a few chapters into a book, still trying to figure out who is who, and the author switches names on me, it's really confusing for the reader. In the end this was a fun, quick silly, and entertaining story, which is what I was looking for. I really liked this book because it was so different from anything I read, I usually read about summer romances and things within that genre.This book is about American teenagers who have passed away that are rising from the dead but, they are not the way they used to be. The teenagers who come back are called the "differently biotic" and they are trying to fit in as much as they can. The main character Phoebe a goth girl starts to fall for the leader of the dead kids, Tommy Williams and that starts to cause problems for her. Adam her long time neighbor and friend starts to realize that he may want to be more than friends.I gave this book five stars because it was very interesting and creative.I really liked the meaning and the purpose of this novel. This is a fantasy novel but, I still think it gives the message that we are all different and we shouldn't treat people wrong because they are different. Also, I think the author wants us to know that jealousy is the silent killer.

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Interesting Narrative, Zombie love is weird!


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