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Gabriel's Mate (2010)

Gabriel's Mate (2010)

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Tina Folsom is awesome! Every book I've read from her has just the right amount of suspense with an equally addicting storyline.To be honest, I was not enthusiastic about reading this one but I wanted to read the books in order. To my surprise, I couldn't put the book down.I was really curious about Gabriel's deformity that I actually tried to look for it. -.- But to no luck, I couldn't find it until I read it. I had my suspicions but was quite surprised that it was correct. Lucky for Gabriel, Maya is of the same kind. OMG! How did the author make me like this one?This is a pretty good series, for those looking for steamy, fairly well-written vampire novels. I read Zane's story first, and I really liked it. His character was pretty off-the-beaten-path in terms of romance heroes. Gabriel is no different. He has an anatomical problem that has plagued him for centuries, making it impossible to have a relationship. I kind of guessed what that problem was, or would become, from the start. It is kind of gross, but somehow hot at the same time. It definitely made me uncomfortable -- maybe because it was kind of a taboo turn-on. But if I were his woman, I guess I would be kind of grateful for his ... um, anomaly? The heroine is certainly satisfied. I would recommend this book and series to readers who are not turned off by unusual sexuality.

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Loved the deeper meaning of this book and that new paranormals were brought into the storyline.

Great!!! I just can't get enough of this series can't wait for more.

Wow! Wasn't expecting that! Loved it

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