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Fuzzy Nation (2011)

Fuzzy Nation (2011)

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0765328542 (ISBN13: 9780765328540)
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About book Fuzzy Nation (2011)

Fuzzy Nation, at first from the synopsis, seemed like it might be a bit boring. However, that was far from what it ended up being. The main character, a contractor prospector on an alien planet, gets tied up in a political fight for his life, the fate of planet he works on, and the future revenue of the company he works for who turns on him at the first signs that he isn't playing nice. With his dog Carl, who detonates explosives, a cast of fuzzy cat-like things, and the humans he calls friends, allies, neutral acquaintances, and enemies, he ushers in a backstabbing fight for the fate of everyone he comes in contact with.Fuzzy Nation is an entertaining read and the audio book, narrated by Wil Wheaton comes to life with Wil's brand of humor and carefree style. He does an amazing job, as he always does, and he makes this novel that much more entertaining. After having this audiobook for quite a while... I finally got through it this week and it lives up to what I was expecting after loving both Old Mans War and Redshirts.The conflict quickly becomes apparent and many triangles are constructed in it is fairly obvious to see where the story is going to go, but I was pleasantly surprised to not see a few of the twists coming.The best part of the book for me, likely aided by Wil Wheaton's reading, is the antihero that is central to the story. While being of questionable character, it provides enough unpredictability and I've found myself being the only person living a character that was universally hated. I'm not sure what that says about myself, but I'm ok with whatever that is.

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Really enjoyable audio. Thanks for the recommendation, Helen!

Space mining, space engineering and space lawyering

Fabulous! Wanted to stand and cheer at the end.

This was a lot of fun.

Must read!!

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