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Froid Comme Une Tombe (2010)

Froid comme une tombe (2010)

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I am loving these books. I'm averaging one a day at least. I'm disappointed in myself for not reading them sooner! though I'm happy that they are all out and I don't have to wait to read any of them. though I can't imagine what I'm going to do when I'm done with them all! !!!I laugh...I cry....I was practically ripping my hair out half way. ****spoiler**** when we thought Bones was gone!!!!! & the action at the end was just almost too much to bear! I love Bones more than ever and I really like Vlad. And I love that these books are getting better and better. Although I jumped into this series with this book (I believe it's the third) I quite enjoyed it and had no trouble getting up to speed with the story or characters. It offers a twist on the usual vampire/urban fantasy tales in that the main character is a half-vampire, which makes her quite interesting.The pace is quick and the writing is very good for the most part. The audiobook is excellently narrated by Tavia Gilbert, who does a great job with voices and inflections for the various characters. I got a little weary of the sex around the middle of the book--not that it's badly-written, just that there was too much of it for my personal taste, and in my opinion, it slowed the story down. I do know some friends who would probably love this series, so I'll be recommending it to them, and I may pick up more myself in the future.

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I liked it, but nor good as the two first books. But I still love it so much.BONES!!

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loved it!

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