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Frühlingsträume (2000)

Frühlingsträume (2000)

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Not great, not terrible. Didn't come in expecting much. Would have given it four stars were it not so lengthy. I generally don't have issues with stories lengths, matter of fact, I rather prefer them long. In this case though, it would've been better were there more... Conflict? Plot? Just any kind of filler? I don't know exactly what, but it needed just a little something.I still liked it though and intend to keep on reading the series. When I started reading this book I started thinking, this is going to be like every other book about someone who had a rough childhood and they finally trust and love someone at the end. Few times during the book I got a bit bored of it, there were too much details at some parts. But as I continued reading it became more interesting. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars because it has twists and turns, despite that its about love. The book is great to read, you can just understand what is going on in Mac's mind. I recommended it, don't judge the cover right away.

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First of the series...nice stories about four friends...a little predictable but fun and enjoyable.

Very predictable read. At times thought there were a few errors in it. (ie names misused etc.)

Sometimes you just need a little romance


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