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Series: Wind River Reservation

by Author Margaret Coel


Wife of Moon (2004)

Enjoyable listen to this Margaret Coel mystery involving Father John and lawyer Vicki Holden. This story goes back and forth in time. There was once a photographer sent to the West by the Smithsonian Institute to take photos of the native Indians/native Americans in their habitat. Edward Curtis m...

Wife of Moon (2004) by Margaret Coel

The Thunder Keeper (2002)

Lawyer Vicky Holden, a member of the Arapaho Tribe, is on her way to meet a man who tells her he knows something that could have critical impact on the Tribe when she sees him run down on a downtown Denver street. The police think it’s a random hit and run, but she can’t let go of it.Several hun...

The Thunder Keeper (2002) by Margaret Coel

The Story Teller (1999)

A mystery about the high stakes of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, which allows Native tribes to recover their treasures from museums and gain compensation for losses. Arapaho lawyer Vicky Holden and her confidante, Jesuit priest John O’Malley investigate the disappear...

The Story Teller (1999) by Margaret Coel

The Eagle Catcher (1996)

The Eagle Catcher is the first book in the Wind River Reservation mystery series by Margaret Coel. It deals with an Irish priest who, after falling into disgrace from addiction to alcohol and so forth, was sent to a small reservation where the Arapaho people live.We begin in the present-day of th...

The Eagle Catcher (1996) by Margaret Coel

Eye of the Wolf (2005)

I enjoyed the story but felt there to be a lot of redundancy in the expressing of emotions and explanations of relationships through the book. Seemed to be done in order to create more drama. (I know that I am not explaining this well, sorry.). It was as if the author thought the reader would ...

Eye of the Wolf (2005) by Margaret Coel

Killing Custer (2013)

The book opens with a re-enactment related to Custer--and the man playing Custer is killed and the Native Americans get blamed--Vicky is hired by the relatives of the dead man nad is unavailable to represent tribal members, so that is a different twist--overall this has been a consistant series, ...

Killing Custer (2013) by Margaret Coel

Buffalo Bill's Dead Now (2012)

Buffalo Bill takes his Wild West show to Europe. Chief Black Heart's Regalia disappears and they blame his adopted son, Sonny Yellow Robe, saying that he stole the articles, sold them and disappeared to live comfortably in Europe. 120 years later....the truth will finally be discovered by Fathe...

Buffalo Bill's Dead Now (2012) by Margaret Coel

The Spider's Web (2010)

This is another good "Wind River Mystery." When I read a story with Father John O'Malley and Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden, I feel like I have had a visit with friends. (even though these are people I would never meet in my daily life) A white girl, Marcy Morrison, shows up on the reservatio...

The Spider's Web (2010) by Margaret Coel

The Silent Spirit (2009)

I needed this book - I have been reading several other different series, and a chance to get back to Father John and Vicky Holden as they solve today's murder while resolving an 80 year old disappearance and possible murder was a pleasure. Father John has returned to the Wind River Reservation a...

The Silent Spirit (2009) by Margaret Coel