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Series: Vlad Taltos

by Author Steven Brust


Athyra (1993)

This was my least favourite of the Vlad Taltos books so far, although it was still decent. That’s really how you can tell how strong this series is, because this is easily the weakest in the first six and it’s still good. Unfortunately, I feel I have to compare it to the other books in the same s...

Athyra (1993) by Steven Brust

The Book of Jhereg (1999)

φάνταζι νουάρ, με φοβερές ιδέες. Ήρωας είναι ο Vlad Taltos, ένας Εasterner (σαν ανθρώπους τους παρουσιάζει), που από κόλλημα του πατέρα του καταλήγει να είναι Dragaeran πολίτης (αυτούς τους παρουσιάζει λίγο σαν ξωτικά). Οι Dragaerans είναι χωρισμένοι σε 17 Οίκους, με ονόματα που παραπέμπουν σε ζώ...

The Book of Jhereg (1999) by Steven Brust

The Book of Taltos (2002)

"I sometimes wonder if my entire adult life has been spent in an effort to avoid dirty dishes. One could, I suppose, have worse goals" p 7. Smiles are reasons to read, not really criminal not-hero. "Ummm" p 21 blunders, "I never have understood" why grandad insists no blood sacrifice to gods p 41...

The Book of Taltos (2002) by Steven Brust

Teckla (2015)

4.0 to 4.5 stars. The above quote just about perfectly sums up the tone and style of Steven Brust's JHEREG novels...playfully dark, coolly subdued and dangerously a word YUMMMMMM!! Seriously, I am pretty smitten with Brust's breezy style and this series is currently on a very shor...

Teckla (2015) by Steven Brust

Yendi (1987)

YendiI was midly disappointed by Yendi, the second book in The Vlad Taltos series. Contrary to Jhereg, where I was immediately pulled inside the story, things were much slower in Yendi. A quarter or even half the book felt like Brust (the author) was merely listing a series of action instead of t...

Yendi (1987) by Steven Brust

Issola (2001)

And here's where it hits me that I don't know if I missed something, to blame Verra, or to narrow my eyes at Brust. I just know that when Vlad took off from the City, he wore a black phoenix stone. Here, he has something that seems to be a black one and gold one together. Since they're not so ...

Issola (2001) by Steven Brust

The Book of Athyra (2003)

Vlad is out of his normal environment. Instead of being a powerful assassin and a member of a criminal organization. He is alone, far away from his big cities, with only his jhereg companions.Athyra: Vlad Taltos doesn't believe in coincidence so when a man that he once knew dies just as he arrive...

The Book of Athyra (2003) by Steven Brust

Iorich (2010)

Another in the series, great weekend escapist read! ITs very good, pulls more of a quirky humour out and would add a lot for any who reads

Iorich (2010) by Steven Brust

Tiassa (2011)

9/10Actually, about 9.5/10. I couldn't quite give it a 10 because of the time jumps... the Vlad Taltos series' internal chronology does not follow the publication order of the books and so I always spend a bit of time deciding where in the overall story arc each book fits. And this book, unlike m...

Tiassa (2011) by Steven Brust