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Series: Vampire's Promise

by Author Caroline B. Cooney


Fatal Bargain (2003)

They just wanted to have some fun. Randy, the initator of the whole stay-over at The Mall House thing, did not foresee the danger that lurked in their home for the night, which was actually nothing but a vampire's nest. The 6 of them: Lacey, Randy, Sherree, Zach, Roxanne, and Bobby, each lead dif...

Fatal Bargain (2003) by Caroline B. Cooney

Evil Returns (2003)

Author: Caroline B Cooney Subject: The Vampire's Promise 2--Evil Returns Tone of Book: Philosophical Links: Characters: Devnee, Aryssa, Victoria, vampire, Devnee's mother, Trey, William, Karen My Response to the Book:...

Evil Returns (2003) by Caroline B. Cooney