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Series: Untamed

by Author Victoria Green


Rebel Roused (2014)

Rebel RousedVictoria Green and Jinsey ReeseThis is the fifth and final segment in Untamed Journey, I think Journey is the proper word to describe this series, because to me it has been a journey of sorts. Each book has featured it’s own cliffhanger of sorts, there was the “her parents” “the misun...

Rebel Roused (2014) by Victoria  Green

An Alpha's Kiss (2013)

I liked this book, but everything seemed to move a little too quickly for me. Charmaine never wanted a mate she didn't even be leave in them then all of the sudden she meets Parker and everything goes down hill and rather quickly. She leaves her best friend who has just been beaten up to run off ...

An Alpha's Kiss (2013) by Evelyn Glass