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Series: University Park

by Author C.M. Doporto


The Same Side (2014)

I really enjoyed this book! I've read the first book, Opposing sides, and I have to say that I enjoyed the second book, The Same Side, more! I connected with Raven more in this book than in the last book, which is why I loved this book more. C.M. Doporto's books just get better and better and I s...

The Same Side (2014) by C.M. Doporto

Opposing Sides (2014)

I read this book in just over a day. It was shorter than most books I read, but I loved it. It was an easy, quirky romance and I was hooked from the very beginning.I love books like this. I guess I'm a sucker for a love triangle and I'm glad this one didn't make it too hard to decide to who chose...

Opposing Sides (2014) by C.M. Doporto