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Series: Unaco

by Author Hugh Miller


Alistair Maclean's Hostage Tower (1983)

Summary of this book:"Mister Smith", a criminal mastermind, is planning the greatest act of crime in history - not for political or financial reasons, but simply for the thrill and glory of pulling off the perfect crime. Among his minions, he hires three of the world's most accomplished solo crim...

Alistair Maclean's Hostage Tower (1983) by John Denis

Alistair MacLean's Time of the Assassins (1993)

Alphonse Mobuto has ruled the state of Zimbala for forty-five years. On his death, the Presidency passes to his eldest son, Jamel. Determined to introduce democracy and rid Zimbala of his father's oppressive regime, Jamel faces retribution from those who once benefited from it.In New York to deli...

Alistair MacLean's Time of the Assassins (1993) by Alastair MacNeill