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Series: True Blood Comics

by Author Alan Ball


True Blood Volume 1: All Together Now (2013)

I've only read a few of the books, honestly, and I never got past the first season of the show. But, I was still intrigued by the idea of a True Blood graphic novel -- despite the fact that I'm not really savvy in the genre of graphic novels, either.We begin with an introduction by the creator of...

True Blood Volume 1: All Together Now (2013) by Alan Ball

True blood, Tome 1 (2011)

This story (which takes place around the end of season 2?) feels like one of the ripoff tv episodes that is built solely around flashbacks intstead of doing any real advancment of the plot. In this book, an imp takes the Merlotte's crew hostage and forces them to reveal their deepest, darkest se...

True blood, Tome 1 (2011) by Alan Ball