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Series: Todd Mills Mystery

by Author R.D. Zimmerman


Tribe (1997)

This so-called "mystery" dragged enormously. It really bored me to tears, although I honestly had some hopes for it.The storytelling was way too detailed and seemed to concentrate in quite an amazing fashion on the most uninteresting and unimportant bits, while, at the same time, I got an overall...

Tribe (1997) by R.D. Zimmerman

Innuendo (2000)

Superb writing and plot development as well as characterization. Then why not 5 stars? Maybe I'm being too snooty about my stars, but I have to reserve them for something truly wonderful, and there are just a couple hitches with this book.But that by no means should dissuade you from reading it. ...

Innuendo (2000) by R.D. Zimmerman

Outburst (1999)

The fourth in the Todd Mills mysteries is a very intense read! Todd is called by a mystery caller one day for a meeting where the caller weaves a tale of blackmail to our intrepid reporter. Todd is hesitant to this meeting at first, but his curiosity and reporter's instinct make him go. He is wai...

Outburst (1999) by R.D. Zimmerman