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Series: Thursday Next

by Author Jasper Fforde


First Among Sequels (2007)

First Among Sequels is the fifth Thursday Next book, a book series which is impossibly to accurately sum up, because it’s so weird, and stubbornly resists classification (on purpose). I suppose in theory you could start reading the series with this book (after all, I had largely forgotten most of...

First Among Sequels (2007) by Jasper Fforde

The Eyre Affair (2003)

Sadly, I found this book to be a major disappointment. I'm huge fan of British comedy and science fiction--Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Dr. Who, Neil Gaiman--and something of an autodidact lit geek, so this novel which promises the exploits of a special agent who has to travel into the novel Jane...

The Eyre Affair (2003) by Jasper Fforde

Lost in a Good Book (2004)

An antagonist named Mr. Schitt-Hause. A 108 year-old woman who can't die until she has discovered and read the ten most boring classics (and who debates about what they are--I was elated when she mentioned Spencer's Faerie Queen and indignant when she named Milton's Paradise Lost and Richardson'...

Lost in a Good Book (2004) by Jasper Fforde

Something Rotten (2005)

Utterly disappointing. Seriously.There is a fine line between satire and stupidity. Up until now Fforde has rode that line well, sometimes straying somewhat close but never crossing it. This book left the line 100 yards back after spitting on it. I honestly don't even know where to start in e...

Something Rotten (2005) by Jasper Fforde

One of Our Thursdays Is Missing (2011)

Not as good as The Eyre Affair Must read series for serious readers who also happen to like aburdist fantasies.

One of Our Thursdays Is Missing (2011) by Jasper Fforde