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Series: The Westmorelands

by Author Brenda Jackson


The Real Thing (Mills & Boon Desire) (2014)

Adrian really took his job serious when he agreed to fake a relationship with Trinity so her supervisor at her job would stop trying to have sex with her. She really thought she could prove nothing was special about sex. I love me some Westmoreland's and I'm sure glade Adrian was willing to prove...

The Real Thing (Mills & Boon Desire) (2014) by Brenda Jackson

Un autentico hombre: (2014)

Book Title: “The Real Thing” Author’s Name: Brenda JacksonBook Description: What happens when a pretend boyfriend wants more than make-believe? Find out in this Westmoreland novel from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson! No red-blooded man turns down the chance to escort gorgeous Tr...

Un autentico hombre: (2014) by Brenda Jackson

One Winter's Night (2012)

More a 3.5 than a 3. Goodreads really needs to consider 1/2 star ratings.I actually liked this one better than the few previous Westmoreland books I've read. Her writing seemed...more something. Can't put my finger on it, reinvigorated maybe. There are still some style issues that I'm not a fan o...

One Winter's Night (2012) by Brenda Jackson

Una Noche De Invierno: (2013)

I loved this story!!! I was taken by the charm, sexiness and boldness of the Riley Westmoreland. The man knew what we wanted and went for it, no beating around the bush for this modern hunk. It gives me chills just think about him. I was completely taken into to the story from the beginning. As t...

Una Noche De Invierno: (2013) by Brenda Jackson

Feeling the Heat (2012)

I've been reading this series a long time, and I'm no longer as in love with them as before. I think it might be the writer's style. I'm not a fan of the choppy sentences. Sometimes, her descriptions toe the line of purple prose. And there are problems with flow and organization - which are more ...

Feeling the Heat (2012) by Brenda Jackson

Calor Intenso: (2012)

Ms. Jackson is back at it again, this time with the Denver Westmorelands. This clan seems to grow exponentially, each one sexier than the last. Feeling the Heat lets us into the world of Dr. Micah Westmoreland of the Center for Disease Control. He and his love interest, Dr. Kalina Daniels, had...

Calor Intenso: (2012) by Brenda Jackson

El Objeto de Su Deseo (2011)

Gemma Westmoreland is a force to be reckoned with.Smart, beautiful and talented with a thriving design business, the only thing she was missing was a love of her own. After seeing how her brothers behaved over the years, she was determined not to have her heart broken.Callum Austell is an Aussie ...

El Objeto de Su Deseo (2011) by Brenda Jackson

What a Westmoreland Wants (2010)

As always Brenda Jackson does a remarkable job with her characters. This book is good light reading and was very enjoyable. Callum has been in love with Gemma since the moment he first saw her. Gemma believes that she will never give her heart to any man, because all men do is break women's he...

What a Westmoreland Wants (2010) by Brenda Jackson