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Series: The Weird Works Of Robert E. Howard

by Author Robert E. Howard


The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard: Moon Of Skulls (2006)

It's only really dawned on me in recent years just how prolific Robert E. Howard was as a writer. He wrote a lot, no joke. When I first discovered Howard through those Ace Conan paperbacks, my interest never strayed too far from Conan. I read some Kull, some Bran Mak Morn, some Solomon Kane but n...

The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard: Moon Of Skulls (2006) by Robert E. Howard

Beyond the Black River (2008)

Opening: 1 Conan Loses His AxThe stillness of the forest trail was so primeval that the tread of a soft-booted foot was a startling disturbance. At least it seemed so to the ears of the wayfarer, though he was moving along the path with the caution that must be practised by any man who ventures b...

Beyond the Black River (2008) by Robert E. Howard

People Of The Dark (2006)

This is the third in the 10-volume set collecting the work of Robert Howard for Weird magazine, covering work from 1931 to 1932, after Howard has cemented his friendship with Lovecraft and even starts writing his own Mythos tales, two obvious ones of which are collected here. One of them, the Bl...

People Of The Dark (2006) by Joe R. Lansdale